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July 9th 2023

Yesterday I attended a Pagan Wiccan event to gather inspiration for my novel. It was a fabulous few hours spent amongst people with huge craft talents and expertise. EARTH SPIRIT EVENTS 


I might have purchased rather a lot of items, each one is going to be displayed in my office and I can honestly say I am not disappointed by any one thing I spent my money on. Each item touched my creativity senses 100%! 

I purchased a magnificent casein pen with history dating back to the 1920's. It is a one of a kind and will be used to write in the large, glorious Book of Spells I purchased, which is surrounded by an amazing hand-carved leather cover.

The Raven's name is Lacy Wings, and although she is not amber in colour, she is now my mascot. The Mother Nature statue is better in the flesh than the pic shows, and my crystal gleams far more in real life. The little posy with the crescent moon caught my eye and the lovely vendor said she wasn't sure whether to turn it into a brooch or hair ornament. I persuaded her to sell it to me instead as in my mind I had the perfect spot by my herb vase. I wasn't wrong! 

I had my palm read and was blown away by the reading. Things no one could ever have known and no ambiguous questions to get answers to suit - Louise impressed me and has given me a clear outlook on my future. 

Now, I know a lot of my Glynis Peters readers are Christian and I have no wish to put them off reading the WWII novels I write under that name, however, in our home my DH and I embrace understanding all things and there are bibles which have been in our families for years, and other religious items. 

I believe in the natural world, not an evil one as some people believe alternative spiritual beliefs are and therefore am more than happy to show off my Amber Raven treats to both sets of readers, whom I am convinced will enjoy looking at them as much as I do!

Below are some of the items I purchased. 

Picture of the Raven Goddess & Mother Nature. Crystal. A recycled oak candle holder. A felt witch to add to my collection and a keyring G - which stands for Green witch and yes, Glynis. 


Fabulous wood carvings! I could have purchased more but only have so many walls in the home! 

The Witches bells with a raven's skull and a feather representing a quill, mugs and raven slate, a delightful witch (another for my collection) and the purple ornaments, all make a lovely display. The mug has witches and a tree which reminds me of my novel. 

My empty shelf is now coming to life! The image is me as a little girl. The felt witch picture was made by one of my besties and it's a perfect place for me to hang my hag stone. All I need to do now is clear my office out of things I no longer need or do nothing for my creative mind and put everything else in place. 

Some of the stalls I visited - I don't have links to all their sites or social media, but those I do are in the list beside the pic.

JUNE 2023

Travelling with my husband to celebrate 44 years of marriage in the county of Norfolk, UK, it was agreed I would also combine a visit to the village of WEYBOURNE to do a bit of visual research. First, we took a steam train out of SHERINGHAM and then visited HOLT. 

The visit is laid out for you in the gallery. 

The views were amazing when we went walkabout. 

Weybourne ended up being more than I'd imagined and I've added more scenes to my AMBER RAVEN novel which is as yet, untitled. Whilst there I wanted to get a feel of the space and as the novel is a mix of historical dating back to 1700's and also featuring in the present day, it was important for me to get a sense of both eras. I did! The beach is steep and layered.


My husband is standing on the top point looking down onto the fishermen. The water is so deep it was feared the village would be an invasion point for the Spanish Armada in 1588 and Hitler's army in the 1940's Second World War. 

I wanted to see the wooded areas where I am setting a home for my characters Myrtle and Marigold Netherwell, and several of the images above will be combined and written into the novel. 

The image of the tree below is a thrilling find for me. I feature a tree with a clearing in the book and it plays an important role, so to stand on a highpoint and see 'my' tree in the valley below and it overlooking the village of WEYBOURNE, was the highlight of the day! 

I hope to be able to share more with you soon. The novel is growing daily and I'm excited by the new genre and style I will hopefully have published in 2024. 

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